Where to find Trail Magic

   So far, the show schedule is confirmed for Rutland's wonderful "Art in the Park" arts and craft show. I have decided to stay warm this year and participate in the August 12&13, 2017 dates. It was a wonderful venue with great people when I was there last. Hope to see you there.

I have decided that I wish to spend more time painting, and less time setting up booths, so I am only doing a few art fairs this year, and doing more gallery shows and private work. I am still available for portraits, and will continue to sell through this website. I am also part of the "ArtWanted.com" community. This site has wonderful print to order options, for those seeking a specific size of print.
    I spent much of the 1980's & 1990's backpacking in New England, including end to ending the Long Trail. I spent much of last winter reading my journals from that time, and going over photos I'd taken, with some of this year's paintings coming from my memories and images of that time. More hiker oriented work to come! As my photography deals highly with my summers in my kayak, I am going to take a side trip to a time & place that is still very precious to me. Bad knees limit alot of my journeys today, but I can take flight to the trails I've traveled in my paintings. This is alot of what Trail Magic Studio is about, the name commemorates all the "trail magic" I've received and given, both on the actual trail, and in my "civilized" life. I've dragged my inadequate body up alot of peaks, and seen alot of magic valleys & hidden springs, made alot of awesome memories, look for these and more in upcoming Trail Magic Studio work!
    Finally done setting up this website for commerce - thanks to all who have contacted me for their patience. I have so many paintings, I'm not sure what to include on the website without bogging it down for users. When this is complete, feel free to contact me if you don't see a favorite image that you'd like cards/prints of.