Where to find Trail Magic

    I spent much of the 1980's & 1990's backpacking in New England, including end to ending the Long Trail. I spent time in past winters reading my journals from then and going over photos I'd taken, and many paintings come from my memories and images of that time. More hiker oriented work to come!  Bad knees limit alot of my journeys today, but I can take flight to the trails I've traveled in my paintings. This is alot of what Trail Magic Studio is about, the name commemorates all the "trail magic" I've received and given, both on the actual trail, and in my "civilized" life.

Unfortunately, 2019 was the last year for me doing live shows. I'm a disabled artist with MCS, and now that laundry detergents are more strongly fragranced than actual perfumes, I had to save my health and not sell directly to the public. I will miss the many wonderful folks I met, but not the migraines, nausea and brain fog.

I am now free to paint more than ever, and during the lockdown I painted some of my best works. I will continue to offer prints and cards of everything,  but you can contact me through the site or through one of my galleries.
I am laying low for the 2020 season, but plan to show again in 2021. Stay healthy, and I'll see you then!

Google has just changed the whole Site that I am published on, and in the conversion,  I see that my contact page, and the pay pal links have been lost. Am working on this problem, as of 8/11/20. Sorry for the delay, some of us are programmers, and others, artists. I can be reached at trailmagic@ymail.com,  in the meantime.  If you are on the old version, the contact page is intact (look for green banner on top).