Portrait Information

I can help you honor your loved ones with a custom painting made from your photographs. I have even done beloved views and "preserved" the old homestead in a special painting, complete with matted prints made for the whole family.
I require at least one dozen, preferably 2 dozen or more photos in order to do the best job possible for you. These do not have to be of professional quality, but the subject should be in sharp focus and well lit. It is best to show the subject in as many positions as possible, including at least one that shows the subject in the position that you wish for the painting.
A tip that I tell people, to assist me in getting the truest likeness possible, is to include at least a few photos that have definitely been taken in your camera's telephoto mode. When I was studying photography, we learned that the wide angle settings of your camera's lens distort the image in order to get more of the view into the frame. A portrait photographer will usually use a moderately long lens, usually around 105mm, in order to flatten the subject's image and minimize large features. I found that a focal length of 75mm and above to be good at providing an image that has the least amount of distortion possible. However, I'm aware that many people shoot photos while standing really close to their subject, using the wider angle settings on their camera in order to get everyone into the shot. If you've ever wondered why your cheeks and nose look larger than normal in photos made this way (or your midsection, if that is what was at the shot's center) - your features were distorted by the normal action of a lens in a wide angle mode. For "point and shoot" type cameras, use a power of 3X or greater. If you find yourself having to stand back a bit to get the person or animal completely into the shot, you are doing the right thing. For SLR type cameras, try to shoot your subject with a lens no shorter than 55mm; again 75mm to 105mm is much better. Adjust your position to fill the frame with your subject, if needed.
You can email me the photos, or send them by mail; I will make copies and send the originals back immediately. If insurance is required, it will be included in the final cost. If only one or two images exist, say, of a beloved ancestor, I will work with you to make your custom painting successful. Landscapes and homes will require fewer images, as the painting will be of a particular viewpoint. I use only the finest archival watercolor paper and fine paints for my artwork.
When you contact me, I will schedule a conference where we will discuss what your vision is for the painting, time requirements, size and price. I can do the work in a variety of sizes, from 9" x 12" to 18" x 24", to suit different tastes and budgets. I do not do framing.
Please use the contact page to have me paint for you, the ultimate in a personalized gift!